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Threadlocker Tape, 260 In Roll, Blue

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ItemThreadlocker Tape
TypeMedium Strength
Size260" Tape Roll
FillsGaps Between Threads
Temp. Range (F)-65 to 350
Flash Point (F)Greater Than 200
Full Cure24 hrs.
For Fastener Dia.1/4" to 3/4"
Fixture Time15 min.
Removable WithHand Tools
Application For Locking and Sealing Fasteners
Package Quantity 1
Weight 0.070000


Quicktape(TM) 249(TM) Threadlocker, Medium Strength, 260 In Tape Roll, Blue, Fills Gaps Between Threads, Temp. Range -65 to 350 F, Flash Point Greater Than 200 F, Full Cure 24 hrs., For Fastener Dia. Up To 4 In, Fixture Time 15 min., Removable With Hand Tools, For Locking and Sealing Fasteners

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  • Specialty
  • Loctite Quicktape 249
  • Works with 3 wraps on threaded bolts every time. Withstands temperatures from -65 to 350 F. Offers convenience with no mess.
  • Fill gaps between threads and securely mate surfaces to form solid, unitized assemblies. Prevent fasteners from loosening due to vibration and protect against rust and corrosion

Customer Reviews

Average Product Rating: 5
based on 2 reviews

Tape to lock!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OK, so this is just a cool product. Using threadlocker in tape form allows me to get all of the bolts ready before I start assembly and then just put them in and tighten them up, no mess, no muss, no fuss. And it's Loctite. what could be better than that!

Loctite in a tape dispenser!


Submitted by RacerX

Loctite 1372603 Tape Threadlocker

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thought I'd give the tape a try since I used the liquid threadlockers extensively. Seems to do the job and is less messy and wasteful than the liquid. The threadlocking compound stays where you want it to be.

Convenient, effective.

Very expensive. Pricinig should be 30% less, at least.

Submitted by Bob S
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