Air King 9218

Air King

Fan, Floor, 18 In, 3 Spd

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Weight 21.400000


Floor Fan, Propeller Diameter 18 Inches, 3 Speed, Airflow 3190/2970/2660 CFM, 120 Volts, 60 Hz, High Current 1.52 Amps, High Power 180 Watts, 1/6 HP Totally Enclosed Ball Bearing PSC Motor, Motor Speed 1500/1300/1100 RPM, 18/3 Power Cord Length 9 Feet, Height 22 Inches, Width 9 3/4 Inches, Length 22 Inches, Maximum Tilt Angle 90 Degrees, Includes Black Epoxy-Coated Tilting Tubular Steel Frame, OSHA Compliant Steel Fan Guard

Customer Reviews

Average Product Rating: 4.2
based on 6 reviews

Not The Quality I Expected From Air King

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The good news is the price was lower than other places, delivery time was excellent, and the parcel was double boxed and arrived in apparent good shape. The bad news is that the quality control on the manufacturing of this fan is very bad. The fan blade was badly out of balance and the tracking was off on one blade. Also, the fan did not coast very long after turning it off, indicating the bearings were binding. I was going to send it back but the freight charges would eat up half of what I paid for it so I decided to fix it myself. I opened the fan cage, took off the fan, took out the rotor, re-mounted the blade and, while supporting the sealed bearings on my counter top, I statically balanced the blade. It took two ½” holes and additional grinding into the fan hub to balance the fan. I remounted the rotor carefully and was able to eliminate the binding of the bearings. The fan now runs with very little vibration. When I was putting the cage back together, I noticed places that were missed by the powder coating. Also, the cage halves were warped, probably from welding, making it hard to get the screws to line up. They couldn’t even center the front label correctly. The fan is a little more noisy than the average high velocity fan and it makes a slight resonant howl on low setting. Also, there is little difference between the speeds. It does put out pretty good air flow with very good efficiency (150 watts at unity PF).

Good air flow and efficiency

Quality control

Submitted by ds77

Great Fan

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Actually, it's too good for my needs. I should have ordered the smaller one. The only issue I have is that it makes too much noise. It sems to be a very good product.


Noise reduction

Submitted by Robert A

18 Inch Floor Fan

Monday, May 09, 2011

Seems to be a well made fan with an enclosed motor, which is why I purchased it (plus the great price from It sets up a low-pitched vibration in the floor of my old house which can be heard and felt, and is a little noisy, but both are to be expected with this powerful a unit. I've put the fan on some padding and greatly reduced the vibration resonating through the floor. Moves a huge amount of air, even at low speed, and there are three to choose from. So far, a good product at a very reasonable price.

Airflow is very strong

Vibration at lower speeds

Submitted by Kirk Satterfield

Worth The Price

Friday, May 06, 2011

This fan is just what I was looking for!! I had been looking for a floor fan for a while and the the Patton fans were not cutting for the price. The Air King has a sleek look to it, the motor is sealed, the blades are metal and cord is extra long. Comparied to other fans I did not find it to be that lound and even on the low setting it moves a lot of air. When my other floor fan plays out I will looking to replace it with an Air King.

Submitted by Cornell T

Air King Blows!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ok, it's early in the game, yet (only plugged it in 10 min. ago!), but this Air King fan is the ticket. LOTS of air movement from an 18 inch fan (I was torn between 18 and 20 inches). Fairly noisy on high, but, hey, so is a TORNADO! I bought this mainly to take to gigs. It may be too loud for most stages, but IT GETS HOT UP THERE. With the long cord and high velocity whirlwind coming out of the front, I think I can place it far enough away from mics to where it won't be that much of a distraction and still keep me cool. Since DrillSpot has the best prices on the 'net for Air King, if it's too noisy, I'll just come back and get the 14 or 12 inch. I might just buy them all! I really wanted the 20 incher, anyway.

Great air flow, heavy duty construction, MADE IN AMERICA! black color, longer, heavy duty cord, sealed motor

As noted in some other reviews elsewhere, the switch seems a little flimsy for the rest of the construction. if used in a home or office setting, probably not a problem

Submitted by the master gatorbaiter

4 Stars

Monday, November 15, 2010

This is a great product and DrillSpot's got the best price on the internet.

Well built

Submitted by Dennis Austin
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