Pentair Water 3075SS

Pentair Water

3/4Hp Pres Wtr System

3075SS 582951
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3/4Hp Pres Wtr System


Includes 6 foot, 115-volt power cord
MaterialStainless Steel
Maximum additional pressure40 PSI
Maximum pumping capacity26 GPM
UPC 017561911669
Weight 25.000000


Simer, 3/4 HP, Total Home Pressure Water Booster System, Stainless Steel Pump Housing On Stable Mounting Base, 6', 115V, Power Cord,1" Female National Pipe Thread Intake & 1" Male National Pipe Thread Discharge, Maximum Additional Pressure 40 PSI, Assembled, Ready To Install, Performance: Boosts Pressure From 10 PSI To 50 PSI, 20 PSI To 60 PSI, 30 PSI To 70 PSI & 40 PSI To 80 PSI, 3 Year Warranty.

Customer Reviews

Average Product Rating: 4.4
based on 28 reviews


Monday, April 28, 2014

This pump was redesigned. I servised the previous version, which has electrical box on top right under the upper pump body and is obstructing its service. You have to remove the top of electrical box in order to be able to unscrew the 4" cap. Risking water penetration. Dumb design as it can be. After 5 year, the aforementioned cap started leaking. There is rubber cap inside which doubles as o-ring. That is where was leaking. Sealer paste solved the problem for now. I do not even see this gasket available from manufaturer anymore. They offer only parts for redesigned newer model. At the same time it also stared making noise few times higher them before. Seems that internal parts failing badly. Yes - only 5 years! I removed out of service, and will contact manufacturer. I don't know newer version. Older is heavy duty and delivered pressure well, but lifespan of 5 years is a joke for that kind of money. Hint: install it in garage, and put in insulated box to prevent freezing. This will reduce noise inside the house.

heavy duty and delivers push

less noise and lifespan of 30 years instead of 5

Submitted by review

Not too good after 15 months

Monday, September 30, 2013

15 months after buying it, suddenly it has started running really loudly. No explanation for it, nothing around it, no water runs on it or anything. Just started running 5-10 times louder than normal. Called tech support, they say nothing they can really do about it, suggested that the bearings might be going in it, but that noise isn't covered under the warranty. Was told to watch it and if it does actually break that I still have almost 2 years left on the warranty.

Got this in June 2012. It has been great.

It could not get really noisy after just over a year.

Submitted by SM


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Earlier version 3075 ss (without the 01) started leaking after five years. To replace because of a burned out motor or problem with the impeller is one thing, but a catastrophic leak should just not happen. Thinking it was really a fluke and lightning won't strike twice, I then attempted to replace it with the 01 version, but it was defective upon install. Sucker me three times? I don't think so. I'm getting another brand.



Submitted by tcutter

Finally! Good Water Pressure and Volume!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As a former Master Plumber and Mechanical Contractor, the most frustrating issue in a Plumber's home is bad water pressure and volume. Unfortunately our municipality only supplies us with an average of 50 lbs. of water pressure. Even with upgrading from a 5/8" meter to a 1" meter, with the restrictive water saving faucet designs today which are rated for 70 PSI, you just do not get the right flow of water out of the faucets and shower heads. That is no longer a problem with the installation of the Simer 3075SS.

Low cost and ease of installation.

Perhaps a more illustrated installation manual showing the piping configuration for installing a by-pass with isolation valves for servicing of the booster pump as well as installation.

Submitted by Al the Plumber

Works as reviewed

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I have been on a well for 20 years and never thought to raise my water pressure with a boost pump. This product works as advertised. Pressure went from 30-35 to 75-80. I now have plenty of head pressure with multiple upstairs showers running. Should have reasearched this years ago.

Good value.


Submitted by Rich

Should have done this years ago!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Water pressure went from 30psi to 70psi instantly! What a difference taking a shower.

The ease of installing, I poured a 30inX30in cement pad to secure pump to and plumbed and plugged in and WOW. No leaks and very quiet.

Submitted by Jeff H

Service Review

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

While I have not yet put the pump in operation, the service from DrillSpot was exactly as laid out when I ordered the pump. Very efficient and timely with a FedEx tracking number so I could look at exactly the shipping progress of my product. Outstanding service.

Don't know yet

Submitted by Chuck

Great Pump

Monday, August 13, 2012

I have been very impressed with the performance of this pump. My home is on a private neighborhood water system which is subject to frequent drops in pressure. This pump is just the ticket for solving the problem. I was a little concerned with the seemingly small size of the intake/output pipe but this has not seemed to be a problem. Customer service is excellent, also. I had questions about setup and operation and these were quickly through a joint effort between the manufacturer and the distributor. I would not hesitate to purchase this pump again and can recommend it to others.

The installation was straightforward and the pump is very reliable if installation and operation instructions are followed

It would be helpful if the LED display was brighter, it is difficult to see in daylight or bright lights

Submitted by DocH

Great Pump

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This pump is amazing. Took less than 1 hour to install. Water pressure went from 40 psi to 85 psi.

Submitted by Randy

Great Until It Broke

Sunday, June 17, 2012

We bought a house that came with this pump already installed. It worked great for five months. It's a large house with just the two of us living here. The pump also ran when our irrigation was turned on. The pump produced a great amount of pressure. It was a drastic increase vs. a gradual increase, which was frustrating when using the faucet at the sink. The pump is fairly loud and we could hear it in the morning when our irrigation was running even though it was in our basement. The bad news is, this pump failed and had my wife not caught it within the first five minutes of failing our entire basement would have been flooded. It gave no warning signs of a gradual fail (i.e. it didn't drip or slowly leak water to let us know it was going bad). The pump filled our utility room with a lot of water! I called Simer and told them. They were helpful and had me buy a new gasket set for the pump, which I am in the process of replacing, however they didn't seem to think this was a big deal? I would not buy this pump again and I'm considering an alternative pump due to the rather serious nature of this failure.

Good water pressure

A weep hole or similar to let us know it's beginning to fail vs. a total failure out of nowhere

Submitted by Rad

Great Product

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I had researched this type of pump for about three years. Finally decided on the Simer 3075SS. Order came in three days just like they said. Two hours later it was up and running. Pressure into the house was 40-60 but not constant, now 75-90 psi. It use to be if the sprinklers came on, no water pressure anywhere else in the house. Now it dosen't make any difference. You can shower, wash clothes do what you want with no problem. The sprinklers look like small fire hose's in the yard. Will just have to wait and see how long it will last.


Have to wait and see if it holds up

Submitted by Davis H

Outstanding Product!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our house is at the end of the municipal water supply line, at the top of a hill. We also have a whole-house water filter and softener. As a result, my *static* water pressure was about 40 psi in the upstairs bathrooms. But the pressure would drop to about 8 psi if another faucet or toilet were running. My kids couldn't play in a sprinkler on a hot summer day if my wife wanted to do laundry or if I wanted to wash the car at the same time. Two showers running at the same time would bring both of them to a trickle. It was a HUGE source of irritation for our whole family! Talking with the city water people AND the water filter people got me NO help whatsoever. So I decided to take matters into my own hands! Enter the Simer Water Pressure Booster System... Please keep in mind, I am not a plumber! I'm just an eye doctor, and an average DIY'er. I planned for about a week, ordered the pump from Drillspot, then got all the plumbing fittings, adapters, and pipe I thought I might need at my local hardware store. I researched online ad nauseam and discovered I would need an expansion tank after installing this pump and the required check valve. So I bought all the parts I'd need for that "project" too in advance. I decided to put the pump in my crawl space next to where the water line comes up from the ground. I didn't want to HEAR it, and I really didn't have a place to put it in the house. A week prior to my projected install date, I poured a 3'x3' concrete slab. Once the concrete was fully cured, I used 3/8" x 3" Red Head concrete wedge anchors to bolt the pump down. Then it was time to do the plumbing. I cut the incoming 3/4" PVC main line and inserted a Tee - one leg to be used as a bypass, the other leg to the pump. Along the line to the pump, I put a shut-off ball valve, pressure gauge, union, check valve, and 3/4" PVC to 1" NPT adapter, respectively. On the discharge line I put a union, pressure reducing valve (Just in case! I used a Watts N45BU), pressure gauge, and another shut-off ball valve. In the bypass leg, I just put a single ball valve. (There is a picture of my install on Amazon, but DrillSpot was cheaper!) I had to install a new GFI electrical outlet because I didn't want to hassle with extension cords. The pump worked perfectly. It is whisper-quiet!! I cannot hear it in the house AT ALL! It has DOUBLED my static water pressure! And when another faucet is running, my pressure still exceeds 60 psi throughout the house! Only when FOUR faucets or toilets are running simultaneously will I finally see a pressure drop in the system down to about 35-40 psi - this pump is super-powerful!! I highly recommend it!


Perhaps some better prep instructions would have been helpful

Submitted by Brian

Oh My!!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I purchased the Simmer 3075ss booster pump to replace a very poor quality Paciffic Hydrostar purchased from Harbor Freight. They were supposed to boost the pressure by an equal amount. Not hardly the case. The Simmer pump is fantastic. It worked straight out of the box and boosted the pressure many more times than the Paciffic Hydrostar pump. The Pacffic pump leaked at three places and actually didnt even have a main gasket installed. I had to pay a plumber to rebuild it right out of the box on the day it was delivered. Needless to say, Harbor Freight never tried to address the problem. It cost me nearly as much to repair the new pump as it did to purchase it. DrillSpot took my online order and shipped it the same day. It was delivered to Florida in two business days. Wonderful service. The pump is used to boost the pressure to seven in-line Dog Wash Stations. It has amazing power and is also much quieter.


It is hard to beat perfect

Submitted by Randall

Simer Power Boster 3075SS

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Worked exactly as adverised! Great support for a technical question I during installation. Easy to install.

Quiet and effiective

Submitted by Hugh B

Awesome Shower

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I have only had it a couple of days. But it is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. I really enjoy taking a shower now with the increased water pressure.

It was easy to hook up

Submitted by John S

More Pressure

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The pump does work, but I doubt it really boosts 40 pounds. They advertise 40 lb max. I don't know what circumstances must be in place... maybe in a lab... anyway they don't tell you how much power this thing uses. I wish I could get it just hooked up to the showers, and not the toilet and ice maker. The product could use some kind of bypass valve, if its not on, you get no water. Get ready to hear the pump kick on every time you crack the faucet to rinse a glass or brush your teeth. The company sent it out on time. No problem with DrillSpot.

It works as advertised. Not too noisy but I can hear it run throughout the house

A bypass valve so you could turn on the pump just for showers or only when you wanted it on

Submitted by james m


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Works great as of now. Can now take a decent shower!

Would have been great if the pump outlet was in the same position as the FP 4815 pressure pump that I was replacing

Submitted by Ronnie D

Works Well But Design Changes Are Bothersome

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This is my second booster pump from Simer. It is very sturdy and reliable. The design changes are good and bad. The good: Easier hook up with the change in positon of the inlet and outlet fittings. The bad: The old pump came on when the pressure was below the "set" level and the flow was greater than 1 gallon per second. The new pump comes on immediately when it senses flow of 1/4 gallon per second. So lots more noise and run time. Very noticeable.

Reliable and keeps my water pressure at 60 PSI (I have a well set at 30 - 50 PSI with a 60 PSI regulator)

Let the customer have some control over when it comes on so that 2 ounces of water from the faucet does not trigger the pump

Submitted by Nelson

Roof Mounted Sprinkler System

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Used this pump to boost water pressure to roof mounted external fire suppression sprinklers.

Worked out of the box. No adjustments needed.

Off/On switch should be added. Very cumberson to plug in and un-plug for each use.

Submitted by Patrick H

Excellent Product

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Easy to install, quiet and works great!! Boosted my city water pressure from 50 psi to 90 psi, I now have nice strong showers at the other end of my house.

Easy to hook up

Longer cord, Option to buy a manifold with inlet, outlet, check and bypass valves and piping.

Submitted by Jeffrey W

Water Pressure Booster Pump

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I am pleased with Drillspot. The response was very good and I got delivery within a week. The product was exactly as avertised. I would purchase from Drillspot again.

Submitted by Pleased!

Good So Far

Saturday, June 04, 2011

The pump was delivered in just a few days and I piped it up immediately. I plugged it in and nothing. Motor was ceased and it would blow the circuit breaker. Needless to say, I was not happy. The next day I got on the phone to Drillspot and they said they would send a new one. They said don't send the inoperable one back, simply discard it. I was shocked, but very pleased with Drillspot's customer service. Sure enough, 4 days later a new pump arrived. This one works great so far, but has only been in operation for a few days. Pressure is greatly incresed in my sprinkler system, pump noise is reasonable,and it starts and stops as appropriate. Very pleased so far.

Submitted by Don

Great Little Pump

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Runs the sprinkler I purchased to water the ridding arena. Very happy with it. Thanks.

Submitted by Debbie Pate

Excellent Pump!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I purchased this pump as a replacement for an older lawn sprinkler booster pump. The new pump was so quiet we didn't think it was even on until we opened the cover and saw it humming along. The well pump really gets a great boost from this pump and the sprinkler heads are shooting a good 30-40 feet.

The pump is very quiet and has a tremendous volume of water which is exactly what I needed for my lawn sprinkler.

Submitted by Robert T

Decent Product

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

This product does work as specified. However, you do not get the full boost of pressure if you have a low water flow coming to the unit. It has corrected my problem on my water sprinklers.

Well thought out product... turns on only on demand

Plastic on the upper fittings, have to be real careful not to crack

Submitted by Tom

200% Improvement, Thank you Drill Spot!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Totally solved our pressure problem. We highly recommend it.

Easy installation

Submitted by Shannon C

Pentair Water Pump GREAT!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Does just what we wanted without costly replacement of our water pump. Water pressure increased. The tub fills in half the time and the shower actually is a steady flow of water rather than just a trickel. We are happy with our water booster. At first we thought it didn't work but the coupling was slightly bent. Straightened it out and works like a charm.

Fairly easy installation. A little tweaking and all is well. The price was alot less than competitors.

A little nosiy......but at least you know is running and working. We placed it on a rubber mat to decrease the noise.

Submitted by thomas b

None Better

Friday, February 04, 2011

Excellent product, would recommend to any household that needs to boost their water pressure. In shopping for a water pressure system pump I found one that fit the ideas I had for a water pressure pump. Then I saw this pump in action installed in my sons million dollar home and experienced its operation. I then went on the internet and found the pump at a price well below that of what my son paid. The installation was very simple and easy to do, installed the pump myself. Very pleased with the operation.

Quiet running and very postive on the delivery of water pressure. Excellent price and easy installation

Find a way to allow minute particles in the water not cause the valve to stay open and leave the pump running as if it is calling for water pressure boost

Submitted by Lawrence K
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