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ItemTweezer Magnifier
Overall Length2-1/4"
Weight 0.010000


Stainless Steel Tweezer, With 5X Magnifier Lens, Double Hinged Adjustable Arm

Tweezers and Tweezer Magnifier
  • Designed for toolmakers, repairmen, and electronic assemblers.
  • General
  • Tweezer magnifier has 5x power lens with stainless steel tweezer. Double hinged adjustment arm.

Customer Reviews

Average Product Rating: 5
based on 1 reviews

Great Product!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My husband just loves these little tweezers. He used to buy them at the home improvement stores at the cash register, but they are hard to find now. We were happy to see that we could order them on the internet through Drillspot at a very reasonable price. I ordered my husband 3 of them so he could have one in his truck, one at his desk, and one in the bathroom. Now he doesn't have to wait til he gets home to get his slivers out. These tweezers, by the way are a lot better for him to use than those expensive tweezers you can buy. The tips of these tweezers are very accurate & sharp, but they aren't so delicate that it ruins the points on them when he tries to get through his calloused hands. These are perfect, especially for those people that work construction type work.

Sturdiness. Point stays sharp.

That they were available in stores. Drillspot saved us though!

Submitted by mkm
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